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Upgrade SUSE Linux 10.0 to 11.1 on a Samsung X20 XVM 1730 V with Intel GMA900

The instructions for the installation of the original SUSE 10.0 can be found in this separate installation document. Information about the hardware can be found there as well.

The upgrade process

As there are no updates for 10.0 any more, I decided to try an upgrade installation using a SUSE 11.1 DVD that came with some computer magazine.


As I was already using a 11.0 on my desktop, I've copied all repository files under /etc/zypp/repos.d from my desktop to the laptop and changed "11.0" to "11.1" in all of them.
10.0 didn't have zypper yet, so I simply created the directory.

Booting the 11.1 DVD and choosing the upgrade installation method I was told that the /etc/fstab used the device name scheme (like /dev/sda1) and that this was not safe as device names may not be fixed.
So I booted the old 10.0 and changed the method for fstab to UUID in yast. As it turned out, I got the same message again. I risked to simply proceed ;)


The first action I took was to choose the option to configure networking during install to be able to use external repositories.
I didn't bother with finding out how to configure WLAN at that point but simply plugged in a network cable to my router.
The setup found all the repository files I copied during the preparational steps and I enabled all of them.

The installation overview page showed a message that there were conflicts in the software section I need to resolve before I could perform the update.
I was expecting the worst, but only one package cause the conflict: some odd xen kernel package that I found safe to delete (never booted the xen kernel anyway).
I don't remember how long the update process took, I left the machine alone.

After the upgrade

Next time I checked the update, it was already finished and the laptop had rebooted in the meantime.

There were only three problems:


It was a lot easier and more reliable than I expected. Because there's not much personal data on that laptop (and on a separate home partition anyway), a full install wouldn't have been that bad if the upgrade hadn't worked. That's why I didn't bother to do a backup first.

I didn't really notice any changes. Except that I now use zypper instead of yum and get fresh updates again. Like Firefox 3.5.2 from the mozilla repo.

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